Tri Mukhi Rudraksha: Warm and fierce Blueberry beads

3 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha Bead
3 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha Bead (Photo originally clicked at RudrakshaHub Creative Photo Labs)

Tri Mukhi Rudraksha Stories

Do Mukhi Rudraksha

Interestingly so, Do Mukhi Rudraksha is viewed as two Ek Mukhi Rudraksha beads conjoined as one.

Story of Ardhnarishwar avatar

What is Rudraksha?

History of Rudraksha:

“Oh Lord Rudra, you are the one who cries, who makes…

Blog 1 of Rudrakshahub and CX Series

Communication, Trust and Assistance are 3 very important pillars of Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction.
Communication, Trust and Assistance are the 3 pillars of Customer Service and Customer Experience

A view on Customer Service

It is, in general, said that customer service is the best way to trace your sales through the roof. Blazing past through my MBA life of 2 years, I clearly remember Philip Kotler’s book stating about how fraud is the concept of marketing without proper customer service and support. Those words made little sense then, as a fresher with no hands-on experience, but with growing time and aging experience into the world of entrepreneurship, even the slightest of customer support leading to positive results made complete sense.

In a world of uncertainty and possible misleads…

Want to feel spiritual and connect with God? Wear a Rudraksha which is a powerful bead worn by many people for availing its spiritual benefits. Wear Ganesh rudraksha for its powerful vibes as it removes obstacles and difficulties. Rudraksha is known to have effective powers that provide stability and peace of mind. Wearing rudraksha beads brings positivity and helps the wearer remain calm and composed. It not only heals spiritually but also works on many health problems. However, Ganesh rudraksha’s price may vary according to the variety of bead in question.

Ganesha Rudraksha with the Lord Ganesha’s Trunk like structure protruding out of one of the Mukhs of Rudraksha.
This is a Ganesha Rudraksha Bead with Lord Ganesha’s Trunk structure protruding out of one of the Mukhs of Ganesha Rudraksha. This is a very sacred bead for concentration and studies. (Image originally clicked at Rudrakshahub’s office Studio)

We often see people wearing gemstones and spiritual beads…

One Mukhi (Ek Mukhi) Rudraksha

Story of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha


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